The SSI will become an integral component of the information and relevant content value of your newscasts and weather reports.


What Is SSI and How Does It Work?

Suacci, pronounced (swatch’ ee), Solar Index (SSI) def. – an accurate means of measuring the amount of available or Usable Solar Energy (USE) striking the planet at any given area. This is different that Irradiance, which is a measurement of solar power and is defined as the rate at which solar energy falls onto a surface. The unit of power is the Watt (W), and is measured as the watts per squared meter (W/m2). Energy striking the planet averages 1366 watts per (W/m2).


SUBJECT:  Why Solar might save the planet and help your news ratings surge!

Thousands are flocking to solar power. Two things are driving this amazing growth rate. Economics and environment. Some people say they wouldn’t make the investment if it didn’t pencil out. Once they do, they brag about their commitment to the environment. Some people do it to reduce their carbon footprint. Knowing full well that after installation, solar makes power production absolutely free. This audience is ideal for news and now there’s a way to reel them in. 

Introducing SSI, the Suacci Solar Index. Sexier than Doppler ever was, SSI lets solar owners adjust their day’s consumption to line up with the days available energy, which means maximized savings. Yeah, its sexy, thanks to the growing demand for solar. A promotable attraction for news and weather that feeds the solar lifestyle like nothing else. Thanks to SSI, your station can have a game changing franchise that gets you next to this vibrant new audience.   

The SSI is a highly promotable hook for weather. Sponsorable locally and nationally. We provide all the graphics and text your weatherperson needs to speak authoritatively. Backgrounder info will fill in gaps in their knowledge, and you’ve got what you need to seed an abundant future. Promoting solar is really good — good for business and good for people. The SSI is a package so you can provide your audiences, on air and on line with engaging and actionable information.

SUACCI SOLAR INDEX.  The Television News Industry’s next franchise!