Welcome to the Suacci Solar Index affiliate website. As an SSI licensee in your market, your username and password will provide you with real time access to the USE index (“usable solar energy”) in the various regions of your DMA. The SSI will become an integral component of the information and relevant content value of your newscasts and weather reports. . .

With the SSI, you’ll connect with audiences as never before as Solar Energy becomes a front burner issue that directly affects business and residential budgets, operating and living expenses.

The SSI will provide your newscasters and meteorologists with up to the minute Market Climate Profiles, precise microclimate indices and pinpoint temperatures – highly sought after daily information…a need-to-know energy calculus that will not only drive sampling but which will also enrich the loyalty of your current viewer base.

Once you’ve registered as a SSI licensee, you’ll receive detailed information for your DMA on easy to manipulate Excel Spreadsheets – in real time – whenever requested – 24/7!

If at any time you wish to speak to a Suacci Solar Index representative, simply email info@suaccisolarindex.com and one of our qualified service representatives will contact you at the time you specify to help with any issue, question or any other matter.

Now that you’ve joined the SSI network of television affiliates, our goal is to provide you with the very best service and information to help you deliver the most powerful newscast in your market. We truly appreciate the privilege of providing you with this important news service and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Thank you, again.

Mark Suacci, Founder, President & CEO

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