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Proprietary Cutting Edge Software Design & Technology Measuring Solar Power, Solar Panel Efficiency and Solar Panel Systems for Residential & Commercial Energy Consumption.

Targeted Markets Include The Global Television News Industry as well as Mobile Consumer Smart Phone Applications (Apps). Real Time Solar Energy Reporting Allows Consumers to Adjust Energy Consumption Systems At Residential or Commercial Locations; either On-Site or Remotely via Wireless Devices, i.e. Smart Phones, iPads, Computers.


Suacci Solar Index

The Suacci Solar Index (SSI) is a proprietary interactive software program which provides real time, solar energy measurement data to residential and commercial consumers of solar energy. SSI has completely simplified the solar electric process resulting in cost saving capabilities of solar panel systems.

Television News Operation – Immediate Sales Results

For the global Television News Industry, the SSI will take its place alongside Doppler Radar, Richter Scale and Sigalert as recognizable brands and essential technological systems in the highly competitive television news programming business. Television news audiences will embrace the SSI as an indispensible tool for managing energy consumption and cost savings. As solar energy increasingly becomes the choice of global energy consumers, SSI will be the Gold Standard of news programming paradigms.

SSI provides television newscasts with added value for viewers who can utilize forecast outputs for daily, weekly, monthly and annual solar energy management. SSI converts daily power forecasts into a dollar amount for viewers to adjust power consumption levels for cost savings.

Consumer Market – The SSI downloadable App

Market analysis and Revenue projections of the SSI for the Consumer Market are undetermined at this time. Given the success for even the most basic of utilitarian apps, however, it is safe to predict that market intelligence, analysis and due diligence will confirm that the SSI app (Trademark, Copyright & Patent Pending) will be a popular choice with consumers:

  • The SSI can be used to determine the number and size of solar panels that are needed to supply electricity to a home or business.
  • SSI can confirm the output and the payback of a solar system even if you already own it and wish to confirm that warranted performance levels are being achieved.
  • SSI can create blueprints and architectural drawings which are needed to get quotes from roofing, electrical and general contractors.



Developing and packaging SSI for the Global Television News Industry as well as the Mobile device consumer Market allows the SSI brand and technology to position itself as a game-changer and revenue engine for the immediate and long term future as solar energy carves out an increasingly larger share of the global energy market. There is virtually no saturation level for the SSI technology and its applications. Comparable brands with modest beginnings include Google, Facebook & Twitter.


Ernest Cartwright is an accomplished television executive with a distinguished career of more than twenty-five years in broadcast and cable television including production, syndication, sales, international distribution and operations.

Currently, Cartwright is producing two first run docutainment television series for a January 2016 launch, AMERICAN TRAVELER TV and OUR WORLD of ENERGY.  On an ongoing basis, Cartwright remains dedicated to the designing and implementing of television marketing and distribution campaigns as well as providing consulting and financing services to television and film producers domestically and internationally.

As Executive Producer along with Barry Katz, Cartwright produced “I KILLED JFK’ for Newsmax TV in 2014.  Prior assignments include serving as co-President of Radar Distribution where Cartwright helped launch the court strip “JURY DUTY” with Bruce Cutler as Judge (Variety, August 7, 2007) in broadcast syndication. He was also Executive Producer of “Good Morning Hawaii” (2006 and 2007), a first-run series produced in Hawaii ( that aired in Hawaii on FOX affiliate KHON and nationally on AmericaOne network.

Earlier responsibilities included launching AIM TV’s distribution division as president of AIM Television Distribution (Variety, May 17, 2005). Cartwright also served as Executive Vice President for Byron Allen’s CF Entrainment (Variety, May 7, 2003) where his duties involved domestic and international syndication of CF’s extensive library of first run programs. At CFE, he was also Executive in Charge of Production for two of CFE’s original shows, “Global Business People” and “Every Woman”.

As Managing Director of ES Cartwright, LLC (ESC), Cartwright will ensure the success of the SSI project by focusing his company’s capabilities as follows:

  • ESC provides turnkey solutions to brands, producers, networks and broadcasters that offer both high brand impact and high user engagement. Working with our technology partners we are able to monetize content production initiatives.
  • ESC creates, markets and distributes leading edge entertainment content worldwide via all forms of media platforms including feature film, television, digital broadband and wireless.
  • ESC has gained a reputation as a market leader providing consulting services to producers of television programming with its out-of-the-box thinking and results oriented solutions driven by the ability to capitalize on relationships between and among the television broadcast, cable, advertiser and production communities.
  • ESC provides clients and strategic partners with original ideas, customized service and personal attention. ESC specializes in designing and implementing new and original methods to realize its clients’ and strategic partners’ goals.
  • ESC is passionate about film & television content and the convergence of mobile entertainment with traditional media platforms. ESC’s capabilities deliver maximum value for producers, clients, brands and strategic partners.



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